What is the Academy?

The Academy is an attempt to address ALL concerns about public schooling, find the best solutions, and incorporate them into a blueprint for an actual school. I will offer perspectives on some of the best literature on the subject of education reform (compiled by Harvard University Professor Kay Merseth), and welcome all solicitations. The challenging piece of each response is to find a way to incorporate the ideas into a practical frame so that it may form part of the structure of the school. Think with practice in mind.

I will also publish questions without literature references in order to have some unbiased dialogue.

Perspectives on each issue vary widely and because they relate to how we were educated, are intimately personal. With that in mind, please keep comments to the issue and be purposeful.

With collaboration and a wide array of new perspectives, we can work to reshape public education. I hope that you will be inspired by the ideas here to run for your local school board, superintendent, become a school principal, found a school, or even better, become a teacher. Thanks for participating.


  1. I encourage you to engage Stephanie in this discussion given we are home schooling. Attack the discussion of education with people of different backgrounds & perspectives. Only then can it be complete. Reid Coy

  2. Chris, this is a terrific example of how your good thinking and hard work can benefit many people. I am very impressed and hope that you continue this blog. You might in a few weeks settle on just ONE of your challenging dilemma questions and post it to see if you can develop a conversation. I'll bet it would.
    Best, KKM